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GW Property Solutions, LLC
Gina and Walt York    
Over the years, Gina slowly invested in rental properties, whereas Walt worked in the business of rehabing houses.   When we married combined our passions and formed GW Property Solutions, LLC.  Our  primary objective is to invest in rental properties and to purchase houses in need of repair for resale, some to investors and some on the MLS retail market.

We are based in Oak Ridge, North Carolina and are looking for properties mainly in Guilford and Forsyth counties.  If you have a house in need of becoming a home again give us a call as we have the ability to act quickly and close transactions without cumbersome contingencies. All inquiries regarding the purchase of your house will be treated confidentially and responded to rapidly.
Since joining HomeVestors®, all of our team has completed extensive training. Though we are backed by a national company, we live right here in town. We are focused on improving the neighborhoods of our city one house at a time.
Looking to purchase a home, we know the area and neighborhoods well. If we cannot help you with a property today, since we buy so many properties, we may have the perfect property for you soon. Call us and share the plans for your family, and we will help you find that perfect home.
HomeVestors® of America is the #1 buyer of houses in the U.S. based on volume. Since HomeVestors®  was founded and began franchising in 1996, we have bought more than 55,000 houses. This means we are also one of the largest sellers of homes in the U.S.!
If you are a First Time home buyer, or an investor looking for the perfect investment property, HomeVestors® should be your first choice. We specialize in that affordable housing in neighborhoods close to major businesses areas. Franchisees rehab houses, and they sell and lease homes, improving neighborhoods in the process and providing opportunities for first-time home buyers, real estate investors and renters.    
With just under 200 independently owned and operated franchisees in 33 states, HomeVestors® enforces strict systems and standards to help ensure high ethical standards and responsible business practices.